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What Attendees Say

Your training was amazing and  exactly what I needed.

I booked 3 appointments.

Dale S Stoneman, Attendee

A really great well run event. I love the breakout room feature and wish more people would do that to make more personal connections.

Terry Holdershaw, Attendee

Your energy was infectious and I learnt so much. 

Anna Menezes, Attendee

We all created some meaningful connections to offer help to each other.

Christy Liu, Attendee

You're so right about the importance of virtual networking in these times, and I love how you broke it down for us.

Angela Kryhul, Attendee

"Thank you for being a great partner – you truly are spectacular! You are truly an inspiration and I appreciate everything you do! "

Melanie Delicato, Staples Speaker Spotlight Meeting Planner

"Networking has always been something that has been really difficult for me . . . you broke it down in a way that is easy to understand and implement."

Shanshan Wang, Start up Business Owner, Attendee

"It was a lot of fun and I made some great connections."

Foti Hatzidemetriou, Attendee 

"Your virtual networking event was great. I booked 2 appointments, and have more people to get booked into my calendar."

Sara Bibb, Attendee

"Excellent networking model and instruction. I booked 3 appointments."

Gary Gradley

"I enjoyed your virtual networking event and I booked about 3 appointments too!

Antoinette Burrell, Attendee

The Hot Traffic Workshop™

Jennifer Beale

Creator and Facilitator, The Hot Traffic Workshop™

The Hot Traffic Networking Workshop is led by multiple award-winning networker Jennifer Beale. Jennifer's passion is to help small business owners generate lots of hot qualified prospects for their virtual business. It also helps then avoid The Cold Traffic Jam™. To discuss how this workshop can add high impact to your conference or business event, book a phone meeting with Jennifer Beale.

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